February 11, 2019 – HR Drive –

Many employers have figured out that regular listening programs ensure high engagement levels, according to Barnett. The annual survey is dead, he said; short, pulse surveys allow employers to get more immediate feedback.

It is essential to get the voice of the customer — the employee — whose perspectives may differ from those in upper management who make policy, Conklin said. For example, if you have an HR department run by an older demographic, you may not be as attuned to the types of benefits in which a new college grad might be interested. Surveys can help fill that gap, he said.

But a survey is just the beginning of listening, Barnett added. “The survey leads to interesting data and insights, but the goal isn’t survey results. The goal is to stimulate conversations, so managers are sitting with their teams, working with their teams to discuss how’s the team doing, what’s going on with the engagement level, how are we performing.”

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