February 15, 2019 – Customer Think –

The internet is a gold mine if you know what you need to search for. It is especially true for brands and companies. One way to achieve that is social listening.Like what many brands do today, one benefit of social listening is that you can answer to their complaints. Through that, you can respond carefully and respectfully without seeming like defensive.

Another advantage is you can measure if your advertisement, promotions, and overall marketing worked. If people are talking about it, then you have probably succeeded. If not, well, better luck next time.

The third one is you can defend your brand from malicious content. Most of the times these things will not reach your notifications and inbox because people are usually like that. With the use of social listening, you can reach out to them and explain your side of the things and not get judged by other consumers without getting to know the full story.

Probably one of the most advantageous benefits is newsjacking.

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