February 5, 2019 – The Daily News –

It has often been said that people don’t listen to each other anymore, but Andrew Forsthoefel is trying to change all that.

Forsthoefel, author of the autobiography “Walking to Listen,” will share stories from the 4,000-mile walk he took from Pennsylvania to California with patrons at Salisbury Public Library on Feb. 21.

The Chicago native graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont in 2011 but said he wasn’t done learning.

“I just felt that something was missing and I felt compelled to embark on this long walk, focused around listening to others,” Forsthoefel said. “I had this intuition that I wanted to begin seeing everybody as my teachers. I wanted to see them as if they had something worthy to share and listen to.”

Most people never take the time to listen to one another, he added.

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