December 5, 2018 – Smart Insights-

The sales funnel is the Holy Grail of marketing metaphors. For anyone who wants to have a successful business, a convenient scheme describing how to make people buy your product or service is extremely appealing.

Social media typically fits at the top of a classical sales funnel – it is supposed to bring strangers into your sales funnel, with other strategies kicking in afterward. However, with the development of social media and the introduction of new tools, sales funnels have changed and evolved.

For years, touch points have been understood through the metaphor of a “funnel”… But today, the funnel concept fails to capture all the touch points and key buying factors resulting from the explosion of product choices and digital channels, coupled with the emergence of an increasingly discerning, well-informed consumer”.  –  The consumer decision journey, McKinsey Quarterly

Even though I think that a sales funnel can be a useful way to understand a buyer’s journey, being a Social Media Marketing Manager, I’m interested in how recent innovations in the social media world could have changed it. In this article, I want to focus on a specific tactic, such as social listening, and how it can be deployed at every stage of a sales funnel.

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