December 4, 2018 – The National Lifestyle –

Family life would run so much more smoothly if only we could all learn to listen to one another more effectively. Unfortunately, there are four very different sets of ears in my house. I like to think mine are always open, but I must confess that my memory is rather wilful these days. I cannot speak for my husband, who may or may not be listening as he nods along to something, deep in thought elsewhere.

Then, there are the smallest pairs: the 9-year-old child, who has been tested for dyslexia, has an excellent auditory memory, cultivated no doubt by the challenges she sometimes faces with the written word. This is great, but I’d really like her advanced listening skills to make the journey from her classroom to our home. Meanwhile, the youngest seems to have selective hearing, always hoping that what she wants is going to happen. Cue tears, shouting and disappointment. If you’d like to reduce the drama and increase the comprehension, here’s a starting point.

Mummy, are you listening?

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Listening Seekers, what are your thoughts?

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