November 26, 2018 – Gulf News Education –

“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens,” said Jimi Hendrix, the American rock star.

To connect with the audience and persuade them to accept your view only happens when you get them to listen.

Knowledge is power. When somebody shares their erudition, the only way this power gets transferred is by the other person listening. If you don’t listen, the transfer does not take place.

A speaker is considered ‘unrivalled’ when he speaks at length. But is he putting enough thought into his words? Is he making a convincing argument or is he simply rambling on? Does he touch the hearts of his audience or is he leaving them cold? The art of listening leads to a special accord with your counterpart.

Listening is fundamental in leadership. A leader wisely hears out and carefully understands every member’s opinion with the intent to carry out what’s best for all.

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