October 30, 2018 – Independent-

This week in the papers and on Radio 4’s Front Row, there was a debate over whether listening to a book on Audible permitted you to say that you’d read the thing, or whether only sitting up by candlelight and reading the original parchment, preferably in old English, really counted.

Sixty-nine per cent of Front Row listeners saw sense and voted that “reading” audiobooks did count, although those against argued that listening to a book is a passive act that has been interpreted by the narrator and not the voice in your own head. Which, although a valid point, has connotations of “you lazy reader” about it. What I increasingly resent about the audiobook versus paper book debate is that there’s some moral high ground to be won from wading through every word of a literary classic and finding it really hard going but sticking with it, rather than listening to a few pages every night before you go to sleep. Let’s face it, a boring book is worth a handful of Nytol.

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