October 23, 2018 – Desert News –

It doesn’t seem that hard to figure out, but it’s often difficult to learn how to listen with real intent. Why? Because our modern lives have swallowed up the time to care about the details of caring; the time needed to think beyond ourselves and to listen intently and not just talk. I’m afraid the hamster wheel we have put ourselves on is getting the best of us.

I was recently listening to a presentation given to my associate and myself by a very passionate presenter. After 45 minutes of nonstop fast talking, this person finally came up for air and asked for our thoughts. We gave a sentence or two in response before being cut off, and the cycle continued. On the way to our car afterward, my associate said, “Note: how not to give a presentation.” And without judging the message — which was great — the messenger didn’t allow for a dialogue and didn’t listen with real intent to our feedback. Our own thoughts felt minimized regardless of the message presented.

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