October 16, 2018 – Devex –

Jess Daly, global health director at the Medtronic Foundation believes that rather than adopting complicated methods for collaboration, the simple task of listening could ensure successful partnerships and, with them, global health success.

“Listening is something all of us can do,” Daly said, adding that there are lots of opportunities to create more dialogue with end beneficiaries, including policymakers and health care workers.

Although listening to all stakeholders may seem like an obvious way to set partnerships up for success, and presumably, something many organizations already do, Daly explained that those working in global health may not be listening with intent and an openness for critical feedback. More importantly, they may not always be listening in a meaningful way to those voices that are most important: Underserved people living with noncommunicable diseases, caregivers, and frontline health workers.


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