October 11, 2018 – Piqua Daily Call –

I am seeing a trend that worries me. It appears that we are working so hard to be heard that it doesn’t appear many people are listening. Somewhere along the line, a decision was made that talking was important than listening. To make matters worse, many of the talking heads we see on the television will look at these flashpoints in society as a great opportunity to have a conversation. My big question is not whether we are willing to have a conversation, but are we even able to have a conversation?

Having a conversation means we are willing to take a step back and listen and to empathize and be drawn into a give-and-take on the issues we see and how we perceive the world. I am afraid that many of the people I see that are clamoring for a conversation are just looking for another outlet to send their message. They are not interested in listening, just interested in a new audience for their message.

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