Facts about listening can be surprising. The following 5 facts are vital to establishing your personal foundation for practical application and listening growth:

1. Listening is our primary com­munication activity.
We spend 80 percent of our waking hours communicating. At least 45 percent of that time is spent listening. Listening is central to our personal and professional success of all people.

2. Listening is a natural, learned, and improvable behavior.
Listening is a measurable, observable, and improvable behavior. Tests clearly reveal most individuals do not listen well. Immediately after listening to a 10 minute presenta­tion, the average listener has heard, correctly under­stood, properly evaluated, stored, and appropriately responded to approximately half of what was said. Within 48 hours, that drops to a final effectiveness level of 25 percent. However, there is overwhelming evidence that, with systematic, focused and directed effort, listening effectiveness can be improved.

3. Poor listening is costly.
Lack of listening education results in developing costly listening habits and ineffective behaviors. The costs of poor listening are staggering…loss of time, respect and credibility; damaged relationships; increased conflicts; loss of business opportunities; fractured families, and so many others.

4. Responsible listeners are productive listeners.
Outstanding listeners take 100% responsibility for the success of their communication. The results are positive, profitable, and measurable.

5. Listening improves as it is developed.
Productive listeners clearly understand their strengths and limitations, and constantly strive to be better. Our listening capacity expands and we achieve higher levels of performance.

LISTENING WISDOM SEEKERS: Know the facts and pass them on to others.  Which of the 5 facts surprises you the most?  Why?  Please reply below

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