SHOWING UP COUNTSThe emerging form of leadership in our fast-paced, hectic world is counter-cultural – MINDFULNESS…being attentive, focused, responsive and clear.

Unfortunately, too many times it is the opposite. Here’s an example from a Human Resources manager: “I attended a mandatory meeting of salaried employees at my company. There were about forty people in the audience. The purpose of the meeting was to review the requirements and guidelines of our records retention program.

As the people entered the room, I observed their behavior as they chose their seats and waited for the meeting to begin. It was apparent that most of the participants were not really showing-up for the discussion. Body language and side conversations illustrated that most deemed the subject to not be important to them.

The scheduled 20-minute meeting actually lasted 40. At the end, the speaker lost the attention of all but 4 or 5 of the people in the room. He did attempt to use questions to regain attention, but he used narrow, closed questions that got very short yes-no replies. As the meeting concluded, people quickly raced to the door — with no signs of subject-related conversation.

The irony was that everyone in the room was expected to know something about records retention guidelines so that they could both set up and discard files in accordance with the new rules.”

When attending meetings, SHOW UP and BE THERE. Be fully aware of the purpose of the meeting prior to entering the room and leave with action steps. Focus on the moment and raise your awareness and interest level. Prepare to deeply listen. Continuously probe to find the relevance and meaning of the communication and how it relates to YOU — ask your self……How can I effectively use this information?


What about you, what do you do to SHOW UP?  Share your tips and strategies by REPLYING.

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