When was the last time you facilitated a meeting and were not able to make progress LASER-SPEAKbecause one or more participants dominated the conversation?  Think about the lost time of meetings when the ‘motor mouth’ kicks in.  There is a remedy…..LASER SPEAK.  Laser speak is succinct, specific and efficient use of words that gets to the heart of the matter.  It’s all about cutting through the conversation to make a point.  It can keep everyone in the conversation and fosters energy and momentum in groups.  Laser speak is all about getting to the point very quickly and also opens the space for everyone who wants to participate.

Laser speak keeps things meaningful and moving.

Following are 12 benefits of Laser Speak:

  1. Maximizes the group time together … and minimizes the wasting time.
  2. Encourages participation … creates space for coaching and sharing.
  3. Prevents people from dominating the conversation.
  4. Encourages clarity … each speaker strives for clarity and succinctness.
  5. Laser questioning not only shortens the questions… it also sharpens the questions.
  6. Addresses the higher level of need … not simply being heard … but being understood   …everyone has a chance to respond and question.  Allowing for diversity of ideas vs. having lengthy opinions shared.
  7. Keeps the energy level of the call up.
  8. It sharpens the thinking as well- group members think before they speak.
  9. The attention of the participants is not lost as when they give too many details and fail to share the key points.
  10. It cleans up communication- filters the chaff and leaves the kernels of wisdom.
  11. The more you laser speak … the more powerful the communication becomes.
  12. It helps to create a richer learning environment as participants become more intentional about their contributions and more open to other voices in the group.

How to introduce Laser Speak to your team:

Ask the team if they would like to have more meaningful, focused, and productive meetings that produce the best results possible.  Use the information above to define what it is and the benefits.  Then, BEGIN!!!

When you notice that motor mouth and merry-go-round speaking finds it way creeping back into the meeting, use one or more of the following phrases to re-direct.

  • “Land it!”
  • “Got it!”
  • “Expand!”
  • “3 sentences, please”

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