A little girl who came home from school excited about the drawing she had created in art class. She skipped into the kitchen, practically bursting at the seams with excitement. LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES 2

“Mommy, Mommy, guess what?” she exclaimed.

Her mother, who was preparing supper, said “What’s all the excitement about, honey?”

“Guess what?” the little girl squealed.  

“What?” the mother said again, without looking up from her cooking.

“Mom, you’re not listening!”

“Sweetie, yes I am!” 

“Mommy”, the little girl said.  “you’re not listening with your eyes.”

Like the little girl in the story explained, sometimes you need to listen “with your eyes.”   Unfortunately, you may not have a listening leader coach ready to give you instant feedback like this little coach gave her mother.  Make meaningful eye contact. Listen for what’s not being said.   A high performing leader is able to ‘listen’ between the lines.  They are able to truly interpret what’s not being said, as well as what is said.  Maybe that’s why the expression “Listen Up!” is reminding us to look up and make eye contact.  After all, it’s all about the power of connection. 

Others can FEEL when you’re listening to them and when you’re not.  LISTENING PAYS!

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