Do you spend most of your time in the ‘DOING’ of life?

If so, you are most likely not realizing your fullest capacity.  Consider the importance of GETTING ON THE BALCONY periodically to check out what is happening.  This is all about having a clear perspective in the midst of the action.

Here are 4 steps that will help you while you are in the Balcony:

STEP 1.  OBSERVE – Ask yourself, what am I seeing or hearing right now?  What do I notice?

STEP 2.  ASK QUESTIONS – Ask yourself, what is REALLY going on here?  What am I doing to cause it?

STEP 3.  INTERPRET – This is where you truly understand what is happening.  Lift up your voice with others and state what you believe is happening.  After you share your perspective, hold steady and listen for the way others treat your perspective.  Don’t defend or attack others, truly listen.

STEP 4.  TAKE MEANINGFUL ACTION – What will you do or commit to do to move things forward? 

It is the leader’s job to get up on the balcony, moving above the playing field, in order to recognize patterns and trends.  If YOU aren’t able to do this then YOU are likely to get swept up in the field of action and become ineffective in anticipating and creating the need for change.

Ask yourself these critical question….then answer them:

  • Are we doing what we said we must do?
  • Do we have the skills to do what needs to be done?
  • Are there opportunities that we are not seeing?
  • What do we need to learn from this?

Too many people are caught up in the doing, doing, doing, of life on a constant basis, without ever GOING UP to see what is REALLY happening.   It’s all about making the time to listen deeply and be honest with yourself about what is happening and what needs to change…..including yourself.    LISTENING PAYS!




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