Conflict between individuals is an unavoidable part of working life.  However, the way disputes are managed will determine whether there is positive resolution or damaging fallout for both employees and the organization.  Studies reveal that over 65% of performance problems result from strained relationships between employees.

There are a few common strategies that people typically take to try to deal with conflict.  They FIGHT, they AVOID, or they VENT to another person without dealing directly with the issue.  Each of these are counter-productive.

A sure fire way to deal with conflict is by ‘putting the bubbles on the table’.  This is all about closing the gap between the bubble of INTENT and the bubble of MEANING.   Until this happens, the conflict will continue to fester.  Listening leaders take meaningful action by leading their own emotions and influencing the other person(s) in conflict to shift to a positive outcome that benefits all.

PLANT A LISTENING SEED TODAY: When conflict strikes, take the lead and seek to close the gap between intent and meaning with the other person(s).  LISTENING PAYS!

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