Listening leader Karen Vendetti shared this recent story with me about how listening paid off for her in her new job.

“I have relocated to the Washington DC Area working for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).  The CEO and president is a retired two star army general – Major General Evan Gaddis.  You are going to love this short story, because it is a true testament to what I have learned from you.” 

The General requested that I present to him, and three directors, one being my direct report, on the strategic initiative of the Illuminations Weekend – Where Leaders Meet.  Sensing that he is visual and not patient, I created a power point presentation, which included his two top sayings, “Bring it to the next level,” and “Knock the socks off of the attendees,” with animated clip arts.  One of the directors must have said something or made a facial gesture.  The General, who is 6’ 4” swung around in his chair and looked at all three directors and said, “Karen listens.  She listens to what I say.”  He then turned around, looked at me, and told me to proceed.  I said to myself quietly, “Thank you Rick!”

My direct report, Tom, Director of Finance, after the meeting was shaking his head walking back to his office mumbling, “I am so surprised.  This meeting went better than I thought.” 

PLANT A LISTENING PAYS SEED: It’s important to remember the times when listening has paid off for you.  This is the ROI in which Success begets success

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